Some selections from the speech made by The Armenian Catholicos Karekin I about Kessab:

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The Meghri SRS (Syrian-Armenian Relief Society) chapter of Kessab organized an honoring ceremony in 18/1/2008 for the students who passed the official Brevet and Baccalaureate exams. Among the attenda... »

New Year’s Exhibition

An exhibition titled “Special Kessab Dishes and Christmas Baskets” was held between December 20th and 23rd 2007 in the Missakian Cultural Center. The exhibition was launched with a play titled “Kessab... »

Roula Terzikhan

Thanks for starting such an important site to showcase and highlight Kessab and Kessabtsies. I share your vision in advancing and maintaining the unique characteristics of Kessabtsies everywhere. I ha... »

Pastor Sevag Trashian

My deepest congratulations on your unprecedented and greatly appreciated accomplishment.I believe that this website will be a driving force that will generate many future achievements on the roads tow... »