This village is famous for its springs and its gigantic plane trees (sosi). The original dwellers of this village were the Terterian family. After the Terterian lineage enlarged in Chakaljek, they struggled for living and sufficing their needs in that particular area. Few families therefore moved to settle in some of the other neighboring villages such as Duzaghaj where they established the Terterian quarter.
Westwards of Chakaljek existed another quarter called the quarter of Mateslek named after the Matosian family who occupied the yard.
In the morning of the 23rd of April in 1909, when the people dwelling in Chakaljek and the quarter of Mateslek heard the news of the Turkish invasion into Chinarjek, they flee to Bassit via Baghjaghaz after hiding their bronze equipments and their humble farming machines inside their farms. Chakaljek was put to fire and plundered by the Turks.
In 1915,the people in Chakaljek were deported along with the dwellers of Korkouna in two groups.
The census carried out in 1920 mentioned Chakaljek as an independent village attached to Kessab.
In 1947, 29 individuals repatriated to Armenia.
Within the last few decades, Chakaljek has been transformed into a nice summer resort. A beautiful district of individual villas has been constructed situating at the back side of the village.