The deportation in 1915

The Armenian genocide in 1915 reopened the unhealed wound caused by the calamity that happened in 1909. The command of the genocide initiation arrived to Kessab on the 26th of July to start deportations within 5 days. First, the people expressed a desire to rebel and fortify on the mountain Dounag located in Karadouran. The priest Bedros Papoujian-Aprahamian, the priest of Karadouran, particularly supported the idea of the opposition, but on the real ground, the whole idea failed to become a reality.

The genocide of the Armenians in Kessab’s region started form Karadouran. The Armenians were deported in two directions:  one towards the dessert of Der Zor and the other towards the south to the desert of Jordan. Thousand of Kessabtsi Armenians were killed during this deportation process. Some died in Jeser Al Shoughour, some in Hama or Homs while others on the way to Damascus or Jordan. The majority of the Armenians were killed in the desert of Der Zor.