Kessab today

The arrival of WWII soon before any of the previously mentioned problems were solved in Kessab increased the financial crisis of the natives and they started to migrate from Kessab. Many left to Lebanon to work there while others migrated abroad.

In 1947, 2407 individual out of the 5100 natives repatriated to Armenia reducing the number of the locals almost to half.

1950-1960, the financial status of the area started to improve.

In 1952, electrical power arrived to Kessab by the efforts of the Kessabtsies living in America. During 1970-1980, the electricity entered almost all of the villages around Kessab. This act was supported by the Syrian government.

1950-1960, Kessab started to become a summer resort. Gradually, as it is the case today, all of the villages around Kessab have turned into summer resorts. People from all around Syria obtained several estates and properties today in Kessab. Some owners of these properties spend only the summer season in Kessab while others make living from it. In Addition, many Armenian spiritual, athletic and benevolent organizations and institutes in Syria have summer resorts, camps and properties in Kessab and its surrounding villages.

Today, besides the Armenian population, other alien (non Armenian) populations have an increasing presence in Kessab. Kessabtsies are selling their lands to the aliens to come and settle on their ancestors land; the land which was preserved by blood now is being sold by money.