Re-Activation Steps

The first step in re-activating the website concluded in the immediate aim of bringing Kessab onto the map via generating a monthly newsletter communicating all activities in Kessab to all kessabtsies. For this purpose, kessablinks has established a strategic alliance with the facebook page ‘Tserk Tserki Kessabi Hamar’. A monthly newsletter will be generated and distributed to all subscribed members and subscription will be confined solely to kessabtsies. The newsletter will include information regarding all aspects of life in Kessab: Church and school activities, Tourism news, aids received, people migrating, new marriages engagements and funerals, etc. However, for this to become a reality, we need committed representatives from all organizations/businesses/community leads to provide us with the updates as they take place. We aim to be inclusive; therefore we would appreciate those who provide us with accurate news.


Kessablinks has organized the conduction of a survey that studies the social circumstances in Kessab and the expectations of its inhabitants. The aim of the survey is to help identify the needs of Kessab and provide a documented evidence of the current situation and recommendations for community organisers and stakeholders. The study will be conducted over two stages. Stage one will address general questions related to resilience and solidarity in Kessab and will include a limited number, randomly selected individuals from Kessab and the diaspora. Stage two will address specific questions exploring the aspirations of kessabtiseis and will attempt to reach as many kessatsies as possible both in Kessab and the diaspora.


Kessablinks is working to bring together all university-level peers from Kessab. A multi-skilled and diverse group of kessabtsi individuals that are united by a common interest in improving the lifestyle in Kessab and serve their community. In collaboration with the Armenia Evangelical church and its head The very Reverend Haroutun Selimian, the Church has kindly offered the computer lab located in its cultural center to be the base for this group.