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About us

About kessablinks.net

Years ago in 2007, a group of University graduate kessabtsies came together and started a massive initiative called Kessabtsiner.com website. Proud of their identity and eager to preserve their heritage, they set a range of ambitious aims for this website. Despite the initial impetus, the website was left in a stagnant status for the past several years.

Given the recent developments in the region and driven by a great sense of responsibility towards Kessab and its future, the website felt that delivering its aims has become very pressing. Therefore, the website has re-activated itself and will re-start working systematically on delivering its objectives in a step-wise fashion.

With the renewed vision, the website has changed its name from kessabtsiner.com to kessablinks.net in addition to renewing the design of the website to make it compatible with modern technologies.


Let’s document our collective memory and write our own history in real-time


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