Kesab Armenians from Vakif Arrive in Beirut

Early Friday morning, 18 of the 24 remaining Armenians of Kesab who had been taken to Vakif, Turkey following the rebel attack on their town on March 21, arrived at Beirut International Airport. From there they were taken to a reception at the Prelacy of Lebanon for a welcoming by community leaders including Archbishop Shahe Panossian, Prelate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Lebanon, Ashot Kocharyan, Armenia’s Ambassador to Lebanon, as well as some of those who had fled Kesab and arrived in Beirut via Latakia, following the attack. Following the welcoming reception, the newly arrived Kesab Armenians from Vakif were taken to their friends and relatives homes in Beirut.

The following are the names of those Armenians of Kesab who are now in Lebanon:

Zaven Hovsepian
Srpuhi Titizian
Satenig Titizian
Asbed Djourian
Hagop Djourian
Papken Djourian
Nvart Djourian
Anahid Aharonian
Nerses Tangukian
Movses Arabian
Marta Arabian
Hagop Giragosian
Vazken Giragosian
Serop Sourian
Dzovinar Sourian
Karen Djourian
Karen Dersahakian
George Kortmosian



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