An announcement from the ‘Kessab Armenians Restoration Committee’

Given the progress of events regarding the Syrian crisis, the unfortunate circumstances that Kessab and Kessab Armenians are facing today, the displacement that was the result of an unjust onslaught, The gravity of the situation that was created after these events, and to acknowledge the solidarity shown by all Armenians across the world with their fellow Armenians in Kessab, Kessab Armenians would like to declare the following statement:

  1. As an integral part of Syria, Kessab and the Armenians of Kessab share with their fellow Syrian citizens the horrible consequences of the Syrian crisis.
  2. We believe that Turkey took full advantage of the current Syrian situation backed with international silence, to unleash its anti-Armenian grudge which created the current miserable situation in Kessab. This provides a proof for overt foreign meddling in Syrian internal affairs.
  3. As Syrian citizens, the Armenians of Kessab, along with all the Armenians of Syria support the unity and the sovereignty of Syria and urge for dialog and the use of peaceful means for resolving the crisis away from any foreign intervention.
  4. False representation of facts in relation to what had taken place in Kessab and distorting the events to serve narrow political ambitions are in fact causing harm and not doing just to the people of Kessab who find themselves today in very unfortunate circumstances.
  5. The people of Kessab express gratitude towards all those who were sympathetic with their plight, and reassure them that the Armenians of Kessab, currently based in Latakia, have formed the ‘Kessab Armenians Restoration Committee’ which functions under the umbrella of corresponding international organizations as the only valid body to deal with the aftermath of the crisis in Kessab and to organize the acceptance and distribution of aid provided to the displaced community.
  6. Separate from the ‘Syrian Armenian emergency relief fund’, the ‘Kessab Armenians Restoration Committee’ has its own account to receive aid:

Bank: FRANSABANK SAL, Antelias Branch, Lebanon


LIBAN: LB87 0001 0002 4753 8500 0030 3501


  1. It is essential that all issues related to the displaced Armenians are organized and managed by the ‘Kessab Armenians Restoration Committee’ to ensure the efficient delivery of its mission.

We reiterate and emphasize that the displaced Armenians of Kessab urge people not to mislead the public opinion by distorting facts and abusing the misfortune of the afflicted population.

Collectively, all the Armenians of Kessab declare that they remain deeply rooted in their ancestral land, are grateful for all the assistance they receive and are confident that Armenian communities all over the world will continue their discreet support and solidarity.

Latakia, April 15, 2014

On behalf of the Armenians of Kessab


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