Armenians of Kessab have decided to return to Kessab

“We’re not expecting miracles to happen and see the liberation of our hometown of Kessab overnight, but after receiving the news, the people are in a good mood and are waiting for more news. However, we have to do everything possible to prevent the fourth deportation of the Armenians of Kessab.”

This is what member of the Kessab executive body Garo Manjigian said in an interview with GALA as he addressed the news according to which Kessab has been liberated.

“We were told that the Syrian army has liberated the police headquarters in Kessab and that the army is bombing and wiping the city, but it’s too early to speak about the liberation.”

Manjigian also underlined the fact that they have news from the army that Kessab will be liberated soon.

GALA also asked about the Armenians taking shelter in Latakia and the current situation. “The Armenians of Kessab in Latakia, regardless of political affiliation and different views, are convinced that the best decision is to return to Kessab, irrespective of everything. We have hope and are reinforced, without any exaggeration and with logic. The best policy is to have the people return to their residences.”

Zara Ghazaryan




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