The Syrian Regular Army regains control over al-Samra and reaches the costal boarders with Turkey.

Special forces from the Syrian regular army have regained control over the coastal village of Kara-Douran (al-Samra) in Kessab adjacent to the coastal Turkish-Syrian boarders after a sudden military landing on the coast and raised the official Syrian flag on the police station, the only official base in the village.

The army has managed to destroy a construct for missiles and explosives production in addition to a handful of trucks loaded with heavy machine guns. The army also eliminated a big number of terrorist with foreign nationalities including Chechnyans, Afghans and Saudi Arabians. The army clashed with the terrorists hiding in the woods accompanied with heavy shelling on Kessab and al-Nabaen (Iki-Zoloukh) where the jihadists retreated. Jihadist snipers pose a potential threat on the army’s progress toward the town of Kessab.

The army’s operation was organised to counter-attack on two fronts concurrently, accompanied with artillery shelling on the constructs of the terrorists in the area. The two fronts were the coast in the west and the mountain of Chalma in the south-west.

This victory in Kessab coincided with the sad event of exploding the building where the chamber of industry – Aleppo branch was located in the heat of the old city in Aleppo.


SANA, Al Mayadeen, Syria now

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