Armed Groups infiltrate kessab

An armed attack on Kessab took place at down on the 21st of March, 2014. The attack employed the Turkish bases near the Syrian-Turkish border. Syrian official channels reported that Kessab was attacked with a huge number of fighting gunmen who were faced with the Syrian soldiers present in the area where fierce clashes took place. The civilians flee for their lives and found refuge in the nearby city of Latakia. The attack lead to some injuries and casualties. The Attack was claimed by Al-Nusra front and the Islamic jihadist front. The Syrian air force conducted an air raid on the constructs of the gunmen. Despite their presence in the aria, the number of troops belonging to the Syrian regular army were not abundant and further reinforcements had to be sent in order to contain the attack. The army immediately closed the routs leading to AL-Bassit for security reasons. The army continues to fight back causing huge numbers of casualties on the enemy’s side. The civilians who flee to Latakia reported that almost the entire town managed to escape the assault and found refuge in Latakia either staying with relatives or at the Armenian church of Latakia. The Syrian Red Crescent, official government institutions, Armenian organisations and the Armenian church of Latakia are already working hard to assist the displaced Kessabtsi population providing basic needs such as food and blankets. The Syrian state official TV reported yesterday that the infiltration initiated utilizing the Turkish bases present on Turkish soil and moved forward to penetrate the Syrian land towards the cost of Latakia. The Syrian armed forces managed to stop their progress and contain the attack within the northern costal front of Latakia governorate. They killed the leader of Jubhat AL-Nusra troop. The Armey succeeded to regain control of the border checkpoint in the afternoon forcing the defeated attacking troops to pull-back towards Turkey.

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