Onslaught on the Armenian populated town of Kessab in Syria

An armed onslaught was conducted on the Armenian populated town of Kessab starting from Turkish soil and progressing on 3 different fronts towards Kessab. The onslaught initiated on the 21st of March at 5am. The civilians flee for their lives initially towards the village of Iki-Zoloukh while some continued all the way to the city of Latakia. Two mortars targeted the area of al- Bassit. Currently the Syrian regular army is defending Kessab pushing the mercenaries backwards. There are some reports of civilian casualties; however no Armenians are amongst these reported. The fighting currently continues. The Syrian air force is targeting the assaulting troops. The Attacking groups are identified as ‘Al-Nousra front’, Al-Qaeda affiliated group, and ‘the Islamic front’ jihadist group. The border check point with Turkey at Kessab is currently controlled by the attackers.

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