American-Armenians demand Washington to stop the brutal attack on Kessab

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) announced to the public that a representative delegation of all American-Armenian organizations and religious denominations has met with an official committee from the foreign affairs of the United States of America on the 27th of March, 2014. The purpose of this meeting was to demand immediate intervention to put an end to the brutal attacks on the Armenian populated town of Kessab, committed by al-Qaeda affiliated jihadist groups.

The Armenian delegation emphasized the fact that the United States administration is responsible for ensuring the safety of the civilian population in Kessab.

The Armenian delegation demanded the following:

1) For the Obama administration to condemn the attack on Kessab via terrorist groups in addition to condemning Turkey’s military cover for the attack.

2) To request for the immediate retreat of the fanatics from Kessab.

3) To pledge the safety of Kessab and its citizens and ensure the area is declared free of arms.

4) To provide humanitarian aid for  the displaced citizens who have become refugees in the city of Latakia.

5) To demand  Turkey to patrol the borders according to the agreement between Syria and Turkey in 1959, and prevent the infiltration of terrorists into Kessab.

6) To launch an official investigation to clarify the extent of Turkey’s involvement in the attack on Kessab.

7) To facilitate the return of the Armenian population to Kessab.

8) To urge American citizens with connections to the afflicted individuals in Kessab to establish connections with their relatives and make sure they are transferred to safety.

It is noteworthy that at the beginning of this week the chairman of ANCA, Mr. Keneth Khachigian, had demanded from the Obama administration to put pressure on Turkey to stop the attack on Kessab that had Led to the displacement of all the Armenian population living in the area.

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