the ceremony of anointing two holy posters for the two side-altars at the renovated St. Michael’s Catholic church of Kessab

On Sunday the 8th of November, under the supervision of his holiness the Patriarch-Catholicos of the House of Cilicia of the Armenian Catholics, Nerses Bedros X IX, took place the ceremony of anointing two holy posters for the two side-altars at the renovated St. Michael’s Catholic church of Kessab. The ceremony was performed by his eminence archbishop Hovhanes Teyrouzian who was assisted by the priest father Antranig Ayvasian and the local church’s priest father Karekin Koshkerian. The ceremony was performed during the holy mass and attended by the benefactors, guests from Lebanon, and a considerable local entourage.In accordance with the Armenian traditions, the archbishop first wiped the holy posters with wine and bread and then anointed them with the holy oil. The holy posters represent St. Mary of Kessab and St. Gregory the illuminator painted by the talented Kessab-born oil painter Mr. Hrach Aintablian.After the ceremony, the archbishop inaugurated St. Mary’s cave recently constructed at the church’s yard. The events were concluded with a humble luncheon prepared by the community.

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