St. Mary’ birthday and the 50th anniversary of Rev. Archbishop Fr. Vartan Keshisian’s ordination.

St. Mary’s birthday is one of the very profoundly celebrated occasions among the Mekhitarist priesthood not just because of its spiritual implication, but also because this precise date coincides with the foundation date or the birthday of the Mekhitarist Order. This year the monastic headquarter has decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rev. Archshop Vartan Keshishian’s ordination on the very same day bringing additional joy and grace to the eventful day.The grand holy mass was served by Fr. Vartan Keshishian who in his speech praised the lord and thanked him for his constant love, guidance, illumination and help throughout his 50 years of service. The service was attended by fellow priests and fathers, the students in the monastery, relatives, friends and a congregation. Bread and biblical posters were available for the attendants after the mass, telegraphs addressed to Fr. Vartan on this occasion were read aloud and a humble program was prepared and presented by the students of the monastery.

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