A cross-stone dedicated to the memory of the Armenians killed in 1915

The Iblaghatian family has kindly donated a cross-stone “khachkar” to stand within the premises of St. Mary’s church of kessab as a living witness of the Armenian Genocide and a memorial for the Armenians who were deliberately killed during that catastrophe. On Wednesday, the 23rd of September 2009 the cross-stone was anointed by his eminence Bishop Shahan Sarkissian, the prelate of the Armenian diocese in Aleppo. Priest Housig Setragian, priest Haygaz Masoian, priest Zareh Shakarian and priest Karekin Bedourian also participated in the ceremony. His eminence mentioned in his speech that in the Armenian culture, the cross-stone doesn’t indicate the end of someone’s life, but it is actually the gate on which we cross to life and it is in fact a symbol of victory.The anointment was followed by the requiem service for the souls of the Armenians died during the genocide and for the souls of the departed members of the Iblaghatian family.

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