Serge Selian

congratulations, and I appreciated it very much, great work, as I am yabanjo, (not kessabtsi) , but amid lover of kessab since 1950, my grand father visited U.S.A. in 1950 and all he has done to find benefactors for Kessab, and he succeded, collected donations and returned to Aleppo, and he started to renovate the apostholic church, brought 2 generators to supply electricity to the region, also found a person, and ordained as derhayr father Tontian, as also remember in our house was a headquarters for kessab, 5 or 6 ladies came everyday to prepare the derhayrs uniform and for the rest of church memebers. my grandpa had a Pharmacy called ARSHALUYS opened by 1918 in Aleppo, which then became the kessabtsis meeting point, his main contact was Dr. Injejikian A great personality he was. I used to accompany grandpa to his missions to Kessab and surrounding villages on a donkeyback, he was great supporter of Kessab, Then I remember he was pushing halebtsis to go and spend their summer months in kessab, there was no Hotels, the only accomodations was George Apelians house, then became as a hotel Al Amira, and kessab saw a great number of visitors since then.
I thank you for your great effort, good luck, and all my support to your beautiful site. God bless.

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