A priest ordination in kessab

It was on Sunday, the 8th of March 2009 when the whole population of kessab was gathered in ST. Mary’s church to witness this holy ceremony. It was a moment of joy and delight for the kessabtsies as well as for the house of Cilicia. The holy mass was headed by his eminence Archbishop Oshagan Choloian; The prelate of the Armenian Orthodox Church of the eastern united states of America. From Lebanon attended the bishop Norayr Ashekian, the friars Ghevont Pentezian and Sdepanos Pashaian and the priest Megerditch Keshishian. From Aleppo was present the priest Haigaz Masoian in addition to the priest of the local church father Yeghishe Sarkissian. The performance of the ‘SAGHMOS’ choir from Aleppo imposed an extraordinary atmosphere on the ceremony. The ordination took place during the holy mass, where the Bishop Choloian granted the name Karekin; the name of the second Armenian Catholicos Sarkissian who was also born in Kessab, to the candidate Hrair Bedourian; the son of Vartan and Salpi Bedourian. Hrair was born in kessab in 1983. After graduating from the Armenian National educational school, he continued his education in the seminary of Antilias. Mr. Sebouh Manjikian was the god-father of the newly ordained priest who arrived from the United Arab Emirates particularly to participate in this event. This is the second time such a holy ceremony takes place in ST. Mary’s church of kessab where twenty five years ago the ordination of the priest Aram Kelenjian was held in the same church. God bless you priest Karekin. We wish that you will stick to your cause and serve your people faithfully and honestly continuing and honoring the mission of the one you chose to carry his name.

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