A traditional evening

On Friday the 20th of February 2009, at 8:00 pm, “Hamo Ohachanian” of the Hamazkayin of Kessab has organized a masquerade party to celebrate Paregentan’s day or the good living’s day; a very ancient Armenian tradition. The event took place at the “Sartarabad” hall.
The food menu consisted mainly of Kessab-armenian dishes such as Pogegh, bread with thyme, kamanon kishkig, salad with kesnek, sambousak, tsitov sarma and hadig in addition to the very famous hand made wine of Kessab.After the word of the organizing commission, Mr. Hagop Kerababyan was invited to say a word on the occasion. The program of the evening started with the traditional song “Seghann e Arad” followed by other traditional songs. The singing was accompanied by several musical instruments like dhol, jnboush, and accordion played by some Armenian youth. Poems in the dialect of Kessab were recited, parables narrated and anecdotes told to lift up the atmosphere. The female performers of the “Artsakh” dance group performed two Armenian dance sketches and the evening continued with the zourna and drum, traditional dancing and several other joyful activities.

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