The Ground Breaking of the St. Mary’s church in Karadouran

On Wednesday, the 15th of November 2008 at 11 am, the ground-breaking ceremony of the to be-reconstructed church of St. Mary in Karadouran took place, in the presence of his eminence bishop Shahan Sarkisian. Alongside the big crowd, Father Yeznig Zghchanian was attending the ceremony in addition to representatives of national, political, local and state authorities. The heads of St. Mary churches in Lattakia, Kessab and Karadouran, the Mayor of Kessab, and other representatives were also present at the ceremony. Among the attendants were also the students of the secondary school of the United National Educational high school, the constructions committee, the Syrian-Armenian Red Cross committee and the tutors of the Sunday school. On the preceding Tuesday, the 14th of November 2008, took place the sanctification of the land on which the church will be reconstructed in the presence of the church’s quarter leaders, representatives of the constructions committee, and the architect in charge. The boundaries of the construction were established during the event. The construction has already started.

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