The commemoration of the Holy translator’s day and the honoring of the Kessabtsi authors

The Syrian-Armenian Red Cross committee of Kessab has organized a commemoration event of the Holy translator’s day on the 11th of October, 2008. The event took place at the Sahagian Theater. The inauguration speech was given by Mr. Kevork Apelian. During the ceremony a number of Kessabtsi authors were honored, Mr. Hagop Cholakian, Kevork Apelian, Vrej Kelenjian, Sdepan Panosian, Zohrab Antablian and Hovsep Ghazarian; as well as Mr. Nizar Khalili, who is a fellow Syrian Arabic/Armeneian translator living in Kessab. Alongside those honored, the names and the publications of 23 authors from the Diaspora were mentioned. The event also included the debute of the students who passed their brevet and the high school official exams. Each student received a memorial souvenir.

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