Christmas Eve

This year, the Misakian cultural centre has celebrated the Christmas Eve in a very special way.On Saturday the 3rd of January, the Misakian centre has gathered the Armenian Kessabtsies at the Holy Trinity church to celebrate the occasion. The event commenced with a message given by Mrs. Anni Boymoushakian. Several Christmas songs and hymns were presented by the children and the youth attending the centre. The Maestro was Mr. Harout Alabozanian; the solfege and piano tutor of the centre. Mrs. Vani Antabelian and Mrs. Seta Saghdejian-Boymoushakian accompanied the group on the piano, while Mr. Harout Kardankian; the violin tutor of the centre accompanied the group on the violin. The Children also represented a live image of the Christmas manger. Before the event was concluded, the present audience along with the organizers of the event sang the Hymn A great secret (khorhourt medz) which turned up to be a very moving moment.The celebration was concluded by the blessing prayer of the pastor Simon DerSahagian.

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