Mary Torossian

Mother was Dirouhi Mahshigian and her grandfather was a presbyterian minister.
Hovannes Hagop Mahshigian.
Father was Hovsep Kaladjian and his mother was a Churukian.
Both were born and raised in Kessab.
My Mother graduated from the American University of Beyrout and My father was in the Armenian Legion during WW1. This was a long time ago but I wonder if there is anyone out there that had a relative that might know something about what happened to my nearest relatives during the genocide in 1915. Mother survived because she worked for Dr. Altoonian and later was at the university at that time Then ran an orphanage under the American Red Cross. Father was in the USA in 1912 and later in 1917 sighed up with the Amenian Legion in the French Army. Father returned after the war and mother came to the USA in 1922 on a student visa and graduated from the New York University. Neither of them talked to us, their children, because it must have been too painful. They are both gone and now my children are asking me about them and we all want to know as to what happened back then. I have researched endlessly. Hopefully this site can bring me some information. I thank you all for this site.

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